About Us

We are a team of photographers located in the Rhein-Main area. Our central position near Frankfurt, Main, provides us with easy access to all locations not only in Germany but also including the whole of Europe. Each one of us covers certain parts of portrait and documentation photography.  On this page you can get to know us better. You are welcome to read about the how we became interested in photography, what our photographer journey looked like, who we admire and what we are enthusiastic about.

Joachim Gabbert

Foto: Caroline Gabbert
Foto: Caroline Gabbert

Husband, father, photographer, engineer, mountain biker and wannabe wine expert. My name is Joachim Gabbert, I am an amateur photographer from the town of mineral springs Bad Vilbel in the region Wetterau. I love to observe the world through my cameras and to recount stories and events by means of my photo-journalistic shooting style.

I take photos since 2006, when I laid hands on a digital camera for the first time. After some pretty hard years of apprenticeship at my brother‘s – who has been a professional photo journalist for 20 years –, I felt it to be the right moment to find a task for my passion. I didn’t have to look for long and photograph voluntarily for the town of Bad Vilbel and its local town marketing since 2008. My interest in working as a wedding photographer and/or photographer for festive events was furthered in particular by taking the pictures of the so-called “Bad Vilbeler Quellenkönigin“.
Especially my free occupation as photo journalist and photographer for the “Frankfurter neue Presse” and the “Bad Vilbeler Anzeiger” have helped me developing my visual language and my sense of the moment. As a kind of role model I would name Barbara Klemm. Her respectful way to document human beings and events, always maintaining the exactly appropriate distance, while taking pictures that would be remembered by the whole world, is fantastic.

Thanks a lot for your interest in my photos. To learn more about me, please also have a look at these pages.

www.fest-licht.de (this page)

Portfolio der fotocommunity

Some of the photos and highlights from my work as royal photographer of the “Quellenkönigin in Bad Vilbel” (Queen of Springs in Bad Vilbel) will be shown here soon. If you cannot wait, please have a look under www.quellenkoenigin.de and make a special note of the captions!

Jan Wegmann

Jan Wegmann, Foto: Joachim Gabbert
Foto: Joachim Gabbert

I am an ambitious photographer from Rosbach vor der Höhe.

When I don’t work as a furniture designer, I spend a lot of time with my wife and our daughter. Photography and its challenges have been fascinating for me since 2004.

Since 2011 my focus on events, weddings, and family photography has become increasingly evident. I am especially enthusiastic about photographically accompanying weddings and other family events. The pictures that are taken within such a context are often unique, as the irretrievability of a moment is captured in them. This is what makes these photos emotional and authentic. My photo-journalistic style is supposed to reflect the time, in which the photos have been taken, with maximal originality.

I am looking forward to your celebrations and big moments.