Questions & Answers

Do you take photographs only in the Rhein-Main area?

Photography lives on light, colors, human beings, and emotions. How, then, could we refuse an opportunity to photograph other regions, countries, and continents, including their inhabitants and mentalities? Just ask! There is hardly any journey we are not ready to go on.

Can we book an individual photographer as well?


How long do you take photos at an event?

We will talk about this beforehand. For us, throwing the bridal bouquet or the garter is always an important highlight during a wedding reception already in full swing. How long we will stay, sometimes only gets clear after a short, informal phone call with the witnesses to your marriage. But we won’t tell you about it.

How do we get the photos?

As JPG files on DVD or via download, after they have been edited and released by us.

My brother is a hobby photographer, too. Will it bother you, if he takes pictures as well?

No, absolutely not. We should agree on some terms, however. The only exception would be the shooting of the bridal couple. For this, we would like to work together with you in a focused manner.

What will happen, if we live too far apart for getting to know each other first?

We travel a lot in Germany, therefore, we are confident that this shouldn’t be a problem. If it still doesn’t work out, because the wedding is at short notice, we will try anything to meet you in the middle or will use Skype or Net Messenger.

What will happen, if we don’t like you in person?

The booking of our photographers includes an extensive get-to-know process. There is a reason why we arrange for a first meeting here in the Rhein-Main area before the wedding. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and ideas, plan the viewing of the wedding location and the test shooting. If we notice during this session that we must send a different photographer team for you, for example, including at least one woman for bridal company, we are happy to have cleared that up beforehand.                                 In case you were to come to the conclusion during this process that you would like to continue looking for a different wedding photographer, no costs will be charged on your account, of course. Without a certain amount of sympathy and trust, working together will not be successful.

Can we edit the photos, too?

Yes, of course. You only have to delete all references to us as the originators when publishing the pictures.

What will happen, if you get sick or cancel? consists of several very good professional and amateur photographers, who we select carefully and whose work we know exactly. Behind each photographer, there is a substitute.

What about your catering?

We take care of our catering ourselves. For this, we may take a break, for example, when you are eating. Experience shows that good photos are rarely taken during meals. But not to worry, we don’t miss any speeches because of that. We are happy to accept seating accommodation, though, as well as the random delicacy.

Can we get the RAW files of the photos?

We are especially happy about this question;-), but, yes, if you have persuaded us long enough, we also might give you the RAW files of your wedding. For this, we must fix these conditions in written form:

You will get the photos without EXIF/ITPC data from us. You are not permitted to have any references to us as the originators in these photos. Photos you have edited, especially RAW files, must not be associated with us or must not be referenced to us as photographers when published or distributed. These are your photos, of which we have provided the original material. Our copyright of the original material and further versions of the respective photo remains unaffected by this. A reference to us as photographers of the RAW files or the JPG files edited by you is not permitted. Only pictures that have been digitally developed and post-edited by us – these must not be modified afterwards – are allowed and must be referencing to us as photographers and originators. However, a corresponding entry in the EXIF or IPTC data of the photo as a reference to us as originator is sufficient.